Ma, Duancheng

Dr.-Ing. Duancheng Ma

Gruppenleiter Modellierung & Simulation

Department Werkstoffwissenschaften (WW)
Lehrstuhl für Werkstoffwissenschaften (Allgemeine Werkstoffeigenschaften)

Raum: Raum 3.19
Martensstrasse 5
91058 Erlangen 91058 Erlangen

Scientific Career

Duancheng Ma graduated from RWTH-Aachen in 2007, then pursued his doctorate degree advised by Prof. Dierk Raabe at Max-Planck Institute für Eisenforschung GmbH (MPIE) in Düsseldorf. He obtained his Dr.-Ing. title with distinction in 2011. Afterwards he stayed at MPIE as a staff scientist working on and leading a variety of topics and projects. After 3 years industrial experience at Light Metals Technologies Ranshofen GmbH in Austria, in 2019 he joined the group of Simulation and Modelling led by Prof. Erik Bitzek.

Research Interest and Focus

Duancheng Ma studied materials science and engineering, specialized in computational materials science. His research interest and focus lie in the development and application of mechanistically based computational methods for the behavior prediction of materials during production and service.