Seminarbeitrag 17.06.2021: Dr. Paul Baral aus der UC Louvain

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Beyond hardness and elastic modulus: Alternative uses of nanoindentation
Dr. Paul Baral (UC Louvain)

(Nano)indentation has been investigated for more than 50 years to the extent that a tremendous amount of work has been dedicated to quantitatively extract the mechanical properties of small materials volumes (Young modulus, hardness, strain rate sensitivity, activation energy, etc.).In this presentation, two newly developed, alternative uses of nanoindentation measurements will be discussed:

The first one concerns the measurement of a hard particle distribution within a soft matrix. This approach is based on the relation between contact stiffness and contact area during indentation. In the case of a homogeneous material, the contact stiffness should be proportional to the contact depth, which is not the case for some particle-filled elastomers. Hence, information can be extracted from the nonlinear behavior of the contact stiffness vs. contact depth.

The second one concerns the characterization of physical changes at high temperature. Here, the approach is based on the link between the hardness and the microstructure. Recrystallization of a cold-rolled aluminum alloy is monitored through the evolution of hardness with annealing time in a hot nanoindentation chamber.


Zeit: Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2021 um 14 Uhr.